Fighting Strokes is a national registered charitable trust founded by Kate Allatt. We offer practical support and advocacy to those affected by stroke with the aim of improving patient’s progress, recovery and quality of life. Our aims are to try to inspire anyone with the self-belief and inspiration to empower and enable themselves.

Timely therapy and proactive supportive family and friends are also crucial to the process. We try to support patients to enjoy a better quality of life and greater independence.

We are also lay experts in supporting families globally about the recovery possibilities from acute locked in and locked in syndrome.

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BBC DIY SOS does what-it-says-on-the-tin for The Ford’s!

News Blog

4th May 2015

Rich   Hi everyone, You will remember from when I last wrote that a visit from DIY SOS was on the horizon. Somehow Jude managed to completely empty our house (with no

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Research & Projects



Peer mentoring research at the University of Nottingham

Research & Projects

3rd May 2015

Kate Allatt will be PPI on a peer mentoring piece of research with the University of Nottingham. More details coming soon! This research potentially formalises the work of Fighting Strokes Share the possibilities...

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Case Studies



Steve Kelly’s story. His amazing attitude to recovering from locked in syndrome is CRUCIAL we have found!

Case Studies

19th May 2015

This picture was a few weeks after the stroke….. This is me now with my brother and my good friend Lee and my nephew…. Saturday 12th August 2012 around 10a.m. I had the start of a brain stem stroke (it actually hit around 4p.m later that day, apparently). I had a series of THE WORST …

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