Fighting Strokes is an expert voluntary support group run by Kate Allatt. She previously founded and ran Fighting Strokes Trust for 5 years. She herself was formerly diagnosed with Locked In Syndrome in February 2010 but fully recovered against the medical odds. Her specialism lies in practical help for patients, friends, families and clinicians in hospital and after a recent Locked In Syndrome (LIS) diagnosis. Kate wrote the internationally published and extremely practical book, ‘Running Free – Breaking Out of Locked in syndrome’ Tweet me? @kateallatt

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Goodbye new


Explaining why Fighting Strokes Trust is CLOSING on 5/1/16

News Blog

7th October 2015

I’ve cried like a baby, trust me and I am really gutted to announce the closure of the charity I founded – Fighting Strokes Trust – on what would have been

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Research & Projects



Peer mentoring research at the University of Nottingham

Research & Projects

3rd May 2015

Kate Allatt will be PPI on a peer mentoring piece of research with the University of Nottingham. More details coming soon! This research potentially formalises the work of Fighting Strokes Share the possibilities...

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Case Studies



The perils of reaching in a wheelchair – Richard Ford’s diary

Case Studies

28th May 2015

Hi Everyone, A trip down to Leicester was possible as thankfully I appear to have managed to shake off the travel sickness that I suffered. Whilst in Leicester a trip to the Walkers Stadium saw a much needed win for the Foxes! This was the first win out of run of form hat would see …

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