• Newsnight film & studio discussion including Kate Allatt on brain injury care & rehabilitation postcode lottery

    Thursday, November 28, 2013

    BBC Newsnight undercover film on severely brain injured patients, with a studio discussion involving Kate Allatt

  • Visiting Locked In Syndrome (LIS) champion (& my heroine) Christine Waddell

    Sunday, November 17, 2013

    Had a fabulous day today with the embodiment of heroism herself, Ms Christine Waddell. We have long since been Facebook chums over the last 2 years, but today we finally got to meet in person. We share a wicked sense of humour, bloody-mindedness and drive. She had a lovely carer who helped me with that ‘bloody’ communication board, that I am well known to be crap with. Then, I got the privilege to see her in action in one of her relatively newly re-instated, physio…

  • ACTUALLY Running Free! Yeah, She Did it!

    Monday, July 16, 2012

    Kate’s obsessive hard work and perseverance paid off on 4th December 2011 at the Percy Pud 10km race in Sheffield. She ran/walk/ran 1.5 km in the cold and rain, but she did it! Proof again that when you are able to set your mind to something, YOU WILL DO IT!

  • Books by Kate Allatt

    Running Free & Gonna Fly Now!

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012

    Kate’s books – Running Free & Gonna Fly Now! have truly inspired friends, family and those people affected by stroke or other illnesses, all over the world. Running Free (Amazon/Nook May 2011) was written and published a mere 5 months after Kate left hospital, where she was for eight months.  Her work has been widely applauded by people affected by all types of stroke, especially where the patient suffers Locked In Syndrome, following an acquired brain injury.  However, her grit, self-belief and determination to prove…

  • Inspiring Wristbands

    New Inspiring Wristbands Launched

    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

    Inspiring YOUR FIGHT! We are proud to announce the availability of our new ‘inspiring’ patient wristbands which we will send to you, absolutely free! They are to be worn to remind you never to give up the fight. They are designed to inspire you to achieve something  that is important to YOU! Kate’s ultimate goal was to run again, which she proudly did. However, yours might be to get home from hospital or pick the kids up from school or drink a cup of tea!…


Remarkable fortnightly diary from an inspiring man!


Announcement: Every two weeks Richard Ford will write his own ‘fight-back’ diary! Inspiring him, inspiring you, Making his goals public on here might also be extra inspiration, as it was for me on my beating locked in syndrome Facebook page. I only hope he may join us and be an administrator with me, christine, heidi, julia Marie too! (We need a bloke!!) So here is all his entries start again on 25/3/14 – watch his progress. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ January 2015 Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had…

Kate Allatt’s Appearances

Kate's Keynote Theatre

Kate campaigns to raise stroke awareness, inspire and empower stroke sufferers. View her media appearances here    

I am still the same! (what it feels like to be locked in)

Emotional, award-winning song inspired by a Locked In sufferer. This song can be purchased via the links below, also available on iTunes from Some Hope, track released 24 February 2010 Words & Music by DC Cardwell All vocals and instruments by DC Cardwell www.dccardwell.com  

They said, ‘she wouldn’t'…. but She DID!

During June 2010, Kate wrote to her favourite nurse on a scrap of paper that,   “I will walk off the hospital ward!’ Her nurse responded with a doubting eye roll and the comment, “Maybe next year!”. (She was in an electric wheelchair by that time!)  However in three months she walked the farthest she’d ever done on sticks and off the hospital ward. This is shown her video evidence here. KNOW YOU WANT IT, +  WORK HARD & HAVE  STRONG GOALS, + ‘WILL’ YOUR…


Kate recent

2014 Review Fighting Strokes & Kate Allatt

This year has been an unprecedented year even by my standards! (though the law of averages meant that I was well due a good year both professionally and personally this year.) So, I’ve chosen my top 12 moments of the year to share with you both from my charity – Fighting Strokes & from Kate Allatt (the motivational & educational speaker/writer/blogger/consultant) – perspective. So here we go.. 12. Fighting Strokes lost a trustee but gained three new trustees who are all utterly fabulous and specialists…


Fighting Strokes – Our 2015 Mission!

‘We just trying to (literally) help those who often can’t be heard by giving them a VOICE/support, to try to help them try to improve and NOT GIVE UP.   We trying to raise awareness by offering real hope (but no promises) and positivity in my charity. We shine a light on what real dignity and compassion actually means in practice for patients.    We want to raise awareness of the emotional sides of stroke which can be far more debilitating than the residual, physical…


Conscious or not? Are YOU sure?

As I emerged from my medically induced coma in February 2010, I had periods (in amongst my severe hallucinations) where I slowly became aware that I was on a life support machine in hospital, following a stroke. But I was completely unable to physically communicate that fact to anyone – for two weeks. I was experiencing what people describe as ‘locked in’ syndrome.   (HERE IS WHAT I SAID RECENTLY ON SBSTV Australia recently) http://www.sbs.com.au/news/insight/tvepisode/conscious-or-not It was terrifying. My response to seeing someone who loved…

buried alive

Desperation & utter shock for friends when a #stroke strikes

A friend recently wrote: ‘Hi, I just got an email from a friend to say his wife has had a stroke and is paralyzed. I’ll put the email below. Can you please advise me on anything you think I can do, or any information that I could share with my friend that might be of help to him. Please help me, I don’t know what to do or say…. Kind regards, Below is his email: (My wife) had a stroke on Saturday. The doctors think…


Arm & hand stroke rehabilitation treatments critique. #strokerehabilitation

Anyone interested in this was a very useful chapter from Dr Robert Teasell so I’m sharing it. More stuff on https://m.facebook.com/fightingstrokes?_rdr or https://www.youtube.com/user/fightingstrokes     Abstract Upper extremity complications are common following stroke and may be seriously debilitating. Regaining mobility in the upper extremities is often more difficult than in lower extremities, which can seriously impact the progress of rehabilitation. A large body of research exists around upper extremity complications but debate continues regarding the timing of treatmentand adequate prognostic factors.This review provides current information regarding upper…


Affected by Dysphagia? New research.

Could New Research Into Swallowing Function Give Hope to Dysphagia Sufferers? Swallowing difficulties, broadly categorised under the medical term Dysphagia, are a debilitating problem for millions of people worldwide. Most commonly found in stroke victims and cancer patients, the condition can heap misery upon the life of its sufferers, unable to enjoy food or even feed oneself in many instances. However, a new study has given a glimmer of hope to the many victims desperate to escape the confines that dysphagia brings, so what’s it…



#Telehealth – 7 reasons why it will improve #StrokeRecovery & reduce medical treatment costs.

According to Wikipedia:   ‘Telehealth is the delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies.   Telehealth could be as simple as two health professionals discussing a case over the telephone or as sophisticated as doing robotic surgery between facilities at different ends of the globe.’   Telehealth:   1. Could be Preventative – with strokes affect 1 in 6 people every year this is already v important, not least from a well being & economic cost point of view.   2. Could be…


All #strokes ARE DIFFERENT. See for yourself.

The bomb exploded in your brain! These are just some of the strokes I’ve come across. Mine was a right vertebral artery dissection and occlusion on 7/2/10 with an acute infarction of the pons. (Formally diagnosed with ‪locked in syndrome). My MRI that was taken 2 years after my stroke. But some of my fellow stroke survivors wrote: I had a Lacunar. Originates in the deep small vessels in the brain. Caused by BP excessively high & small clot forms. ∞ Right cad have left sided. Weakness xx…

Tell Me! What are the GOOD & BAD things a loved-one does for a #stroke survivor?

As you know, I’m busy writing my 3rd self-help & self-management stroke recovery manual. I will have utterly failed, if it’s not a very practical, utterly unique Ebook. I hope it is insightful showing the many different types of strokes and the individuals behind them. It is a stroke improvement manual (aka stroke recovery manual) for stroke survivor, by stroke survivors. I Am Still The Same. The thing is I NEED YOUR HELP AGAIN! Please send me your examples of GOOD & BAD things, if…

Running free

“The problems I have with #RunningFree are…”

Running Free, (2011 Amazon) was my 1st book, which I started writing in hospital and in the first 6 months afterwards. It’s: Raw Scarily honest. An eye opener to beating Locked-in Syndrome Real Funny Very moving Full of swear words (sorry Mum, blame it on the stroke!) An account of how stroke affect us all – a must read for Stroke & Locked-In victims & Families An inspirational book for people suffering from life threatening illnesses. Clinicians, researchers, medics, therapists also read my book regularly….


Embrace #SocialMedia because it’s DAMN good!

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked etc, in are FAB!! It’s no secret that I used my Beating Locked in Syndrome Facebook page as soon as I could move my right thumb and index finger, at the nurses station computer back in May 2010. Why was it SO amazing? 1.It gave me access to the big wide world, because all I’d known is The Northern General Hospital in Sheffield for months. 2.It allowed me to convey my trapped personality on a level playing field, with everyone else,…


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